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Sea Point lobby group delighted at court ruling

From this

to this?

No thanks.

Sea Point Pavilion developers On Track have failed in a bid to obtain leave to appeal against a Western Cape High Court decision earlier this year, which effectively halted the proposed development of the promenade.

That decision harshly criticised the government’s approval of the development, which opponents argued would threaten the promenade as public open space.

Lobby group Seafront for All (Seafa), which has incurred legal costs of more than R2.2 million fighting the proposed development, expressed delight at yesterday’s decision. But they warned that the battle might not be over if On Track decided to petition the Supreme Court of Appeal for leave to take the matter further.

Seafa chairman Bennie Rabinowitz said it was “unforgivable that civil society should have to carry the burden of the associated costs”. Had the original decisions of officials and politicians been correct, “none of this would be necessary”.

Seafa vowed to continue to ensure the promenade remained public open space, despite legal costs.

The R60m proposed development comprised a multi-storey shopping centre and boutique hotel on the promenade.

Because the area would have been rezoned to allow for this, many more developments could have followed. The opponents said this could have effectively blocked Capetonians and visitors from the seafront.

Seafa approached the court for relief, arguing that the space should remain available and accessible to the public.

The provinc

ial government had withdrawn its initial opposition to Seafa’s application, while the City of Cape Town also abided by the decision.

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Sea Point: safe from harm

Article by Kabous le Roux, original here

My wife and I regularly go for evening walks along the Sea Point beachfront, one of my favourite spots in and around the Cape Town city centre.

There are more than three kilometers of flat, paved walkway along the length of Sea Point with dramatic views of the mountain on one side and the wide open ocean on the other. And the sunsets! You have to see it to really appreciate it.

All along the path there are large lawns where people have picnics or play games such as informal soccer or touch rugby matches. Many families go there to get fresh air and spend some quality time together. You’ll find people jogging from one end to the other while others will be walking their dogs. There’ll be children playing cheerfully and old ladies gossiping on the benches. It’s an awesome, chilled-out vibe and a great place to enjoy the city and its people.

The young, the old, the rich and the poor love the Promenade. In fact, I can’t think of another public space in Cape Town where its ultra diverse population mixes so effortlessly. The Promenade is one of those places that makes you feel grateful you live in such an amazing place.

All of which explains The Dance of Joy I did upon hearing the news of the Cape High Court’s ruling against the rezoning and development of the Sea Point Pavilion site.

Do we need even more shopping malls, boutique hotels or über-trendy coffee shops? I would say no, but I’d admit it’s debatable. Do we need them in one of the last remaining open spaces in a city that seems to have shopping malls, boutique hotels and a vida e café on every corner? Hell no!

The failure of the Province and the City to see the inappropriateness of this development (as well as the determined fight against it) makes me think of a Nine Inch Nails song from way back:

God money’s not looking for the cure;
God money’s not concerned with the sick among the pure;
God money let’s go dancing on the backs of the bruised;
God money’s not one to choose.

No, you can’t take it; no you can’t take that away from me!

Thank you so much to Seafront for All (SEAFA) for fighting to preserve the Sea Point Promenade!

SEAFA, an organisation funded by private individuals, will now mount a fundraising campaign to cover its legal costs. According to Bennie Rabinowitz, the Chairperson of SEAFA, their costs have been significant. “It is disgraceful that civil society has had to protect interests which government should rightly have upheld,” said Rabinowitz.

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Sea Point Pool closed indefinitely?

I’m in Germany at the moment, freezing in Berlin.  But reports from Cape Town indicate that the magnificent public pool in Sea Point is closed “indefinitely”.  That pool is indeed one of the very good reasons to be in Cape Town!  It has been the setting of hundreds of fashion and commercial shoots, the subject of the recent documentary film Sea Point Days and the source of inspiration for many artists and poets.

Passionate swimmers and fans of the Sea Point Pool are suggesting a petition to put pressure on the council.

Or email the mayor: mayor@capetown.gov.za

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