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Diver to raise awareness about sharks

April 25 2012 at 10:45am

By Kamcilla Pillay (original post on IOL)

Trevor Hutton, a South African free-diving champion and former world record holder, trains in the Sea Point pool in Cape Town before his planned 80m-deep dive 36km off Durban Harbour in shark-infested waters.
Picture: Lesley Rochat

South Africa’s free-diving champion, Trevor Hutton, will dive 80m deep in shark-infested waters off Scottburgh next month to raise awareness about the ocean’s apex predators. Hutton said he and his team were allowing for an eight-day window from May 31 to June 7 to break national free-diving records and would do dives in the pelagic zone, 36km off South Africa’s east coast.

The aim of the exercise, however, is two-fold: the 41-year-old hopes to break the record while creating awareness about the plight of sharks.

“Shark conservation is important and we need to make people aware of their situation,” he said.

Supported by his team, Hutton, a former world record holder, and Lesley Rochat, executive director of AfriOceans Conservation Alliance, have teamed up in this unique shark awareness campaign named Deep Freedive for Sharks.

The website dedicated to the cause details the record attempt.

“(The) campaign centres on Trevor breaking a series of national free-diving records in South African waters, off the Durban coast. The dives will take place in the often bloody waters of the shark slaughter carried out by both legal and illegal fishers, an area known as the pelagic zone, situated 36km off the South African coast.”

The campaign, reads the description on the campaign’s website, consists of three components: the free-diving events, a supporting book project and a documentary, and are all linked to a shark protection lobbying initiative that AfriOceans is driving called “WANTED! DEAD or ALIVE?”

Hutton competed as an international free-diver for six years. Accomplishing two world records, he was the captain of the first South African team to the world championships, and holds South Africa and African records.

For more information, go to: http://www.deepfreediveforsharks. com


Beautiful ode to the Sea Point Swimming Pool

When I gaze out of my window I see raindrops falling from gray sky.
It has been pretty much the same weather during the whole week.

Are we in June?
Is this supposed to be summer?
Where is the sun and the beautiful blue sky?

I cannot help but long back to those blissful days in Cape Town.
I cannot help but to complain to my friends about my misery.
How can this possible be summer???

Bad weather day in and out !
Just, awful!

During times like this my mind tend to trail back to past events.
My memories goes back to my all time favourite place .
Seapoint Swimming pool.

Beautiful post by Pucko on her blog.  Original can be found here.  She calls herself The wannabe photographer, and she managed to capture some fantastic shots of the legendary Sea Point sunset.

I love Sea Point because…

THE BEST SWIMMINING PICTURES can be taken at Sea Point Pavilion (swimming pools) on the top diving board. (its an olympic sized seawater swimming pool). The view from the pools out over the Atlantic Ocean is spectacular.

many more can be found in this blogpost at

I ♥ Sea Point because like the hustle and bustle of this vibrant seaside town – its feels like you’re permanently on holiday!

Have you been there?

original on

This public outdoor swimming pool complex is set below a raised promenade off Beach Road in Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa. Situated between Table Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean it comprises an Olympic sized, filtered seawater pool, two splash pools and a diving pool.  Above and alongside the sea, the spray from breaking waves that occasionally land over the boundary railing reminded us of our location, at the southern end of the African continent.
The sound of seagulls overhead, the visual pleasure of seemingly limitless open ocean as you cool off on a hot Cape summer’s day and the imposing yet restful backdrop of Table Mountain make this outdoor pool quite special.  The aromas from BBQs on the adjacent grassed area encourage locals and tourists from all walks of life and is the ideal spot to relax after a refreshing dip beneath blue skies.
Whatever your swimming level, it is an affordable day out and costs adults around R9,50 while children pay R6,00. Die-hard swimmers meet in the winter months as it is open all year round from mid-April to mid-October (08:30 -17:00) and in the more popular summer season from mid-October to mid-April (07:00 -19:00) when swimming just prior to sunset and the onset of the evening precede a lazy stroll along the paved coastal path, ice-cream in hand.

Sea Point Pavilion, Cape Town
Address: Beach Road, Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa
Phone: (+ 27) 021 434 3341

Google map:

Seapoint Pool « Andrew’s Weblog

I have been doing most of my swimming at the East Boulder Rec center, 25 yards, indoor, the smell of chlorine hits you when you walk through the door. Now it’s an ok pool but it’s not like the pool in the picture above. All of my swim training in Cape Town was done in that pool. Outdoors, 50m, salt water and from October to April endless days of sunshine. It also sits right besides the ocean. A haven for long distance swimmers, triathletes and brown old German folks. The long distance crew are an interesting bunch. They swim year round and think the ocean is warm when it’s 12c (54f).

If I had a wetsuit long swim planned, I used to ocassionally swim with one of them (a girl) who swam across False Bay. Its 34km or 21 miles across. You may have seen the photos of breaching Great Whites on some nature channel. They film that in False Bay. She did it with no cage and a small boat for support. I can’t remember how long it took but she said she did not stop thinking about sharks the entire time. The mental strain was greater then the physical. I guess my crew was nowhere near as brave. After one awful, choppy, howling onshore swim in False Bay we hit the beach and decided that we weren’t doing it again. A week later someone was taken at that beach by a Great White. Maybe that Jaws music we all heard that day was for real.

~ by andrewgowans on March 5, 2009.

For the love of water

I had just an hour or so to swim yesterday, but it turned out to be one of the more social days at the pool.  Ran into Tamara (on her last Sea Point swim for 2009), Francois and also Jana and Frieda.

Didn’t make it today 😦