Beautiful ode to the Sea Point Swimming Pool

When I gaze out of my window I see raindrops falling from gray sky.
It has been pretty much the same weather during the whole week.

Are we in June?
Is this supposed to be summer?
Where is the sun and the beautiful blue sky?

I cannot help but long back to those blissful days in Cape Town.
I cannot help but to complain to my friends about my misery.
How can this possible be summer???

Bad weather day in and out !
Just, awful!

During times like this my mind tend to trail back to past events.
My memories goes back to my all time favourite place .
Seapoint Swimming pool.

Beautiful post by Pucko on her blog.  Original can be found here.  She calls herself The wannabe photographer, and she managed to capture some fantastic shots of the legendary Sea Point sunset.


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