City to sign Memorandum of Understanding with Friends of Sea Point Pavilion

The City of Cape Town’s Sport, Recreation and Amenities Department will sign a Memorandum of Understanding between the City and the Friends of Sea Point Pavilion (FSPP).

This agreement is entered into with the objective of developing a partnership between the FSPP and the City to address the many challenges the City faces relating to the maintenance of the pool.

Date: Tuesday 22 March

Venue: Sea Point Swimming Pool

Time: 14:00 – 16:00

All media are welcome to attend.

The nature and purpose of this agreement is to outline the roles and responsibilities of the parties. It will grant the FSPP certain rights at the Sea Point Swimming Pool complex, which will see them providing a supporting role to the City in managing the pool.

With this agreement, the FSPP will assist the City with raising funds that can contribute to the enhancement of the current maintenance operations, as well as improving the aesthetics and administration of the pool. The funds raised will also be used towards the development, co-ordination and promotion of sport and recreation projects at the facility. This includes the training of lifeguards at the pool, the provision of community projects relating to capacity building and skills development, as well as outreach and swimming education projects that will benefit the poor or needy members of the community that use the pool.

The Sea Point Swimming Pool complex consists of an Olympic size pool, two splash pools for children and a fully equipped springboard diving pool. It is a very important recreational, educational and therapeutic facility for the people of the city.

“Given its unique beachfront location, the pool is regarded by many as the most breath-taking public swimming pool in the world. The salt water swimming pools attract visitors from across the city and it has also become an important tourist attraction. There is an increasing need for the City to partner with communities around its flagship facilities. We wish to upgrade the Sea Point pool to a flagship facility and this collaboration will assist us”, said Councillor Brett Herron, Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services.

The filtered seawater pools are part of the scenic Sea Point Pavilion. Although the pools are not heated, the facility is open throughout the year and a handful of brave Capetonians persist with their training at the Pavilion through winter, when water temperatures drop to about 12 degrees Celsius.

Media release on the City of Cape Town website



One response to “City to sign Memorandum of Understanding with Friends of Sea Point Pavilion

  1. I now own my third food shop/restaurant. I believe the pool needs a capuccino bar. I have a solution.

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