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Seapoint Pool « Andrew’s Weblog

I have been doing most of my swimming at the East Boulder Rec center, 25 yards, indoor, the smell of chlorine hits you when you walk through the door. Now it’s an ok pool but it’s not like the pool in the picture above. All of my swim training in Cape Town was done in that pool. Outdoors, 50m, salt water and from October to April endless days of sunshine. It also sits right besides the ocean. A haven for long distance swimmers, triathletes and brown old German folks. The long distance crew are an interesting bunch. They swim year round and think the ocean is warm when it’s 12c (54f).

If I had a wetsuit long swim planned, I used to ocassionally swim with one of them (a girl) who swam across False Bay. Its 34km or 21 miles across. You may have seen the photos of breaching Great Whites on some nature channel. They film that in False Bay. She did it with no cage and a small boat for support. I can’t remember how long it took but she said she did not stop thinking about sharks the entire time. The mental strain was greater then the physical. I guess my crew was nowhere near as brave. After one awful, choppy, howling onshore swim in False Bay we hit the beach and decided that we weren’t doing it again. A week later someone was taken at that beach by a Great White. Maybe that Jaws music we all heard that day was for real.

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Legalbrief – Showdown over Sea Point Pavilion

Showdown over Sea Point Pavilion [L]

The court battle between civic organisation Seafront for All (Seafa) and On Track Developments has drawn nearer, with the announcement that Seafa has started preparing its replying affidavit opposing the R60m redevelopment of the Sea Point Pavilion, a Cape Times report points out.

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